Leadership in Kisoro Vision SS

As the School struggles to meet its set goals, objectives, mission and Vision, it uses different strategies and approaches in its administration. There is an administrative leadership in the School which is complimented by Students’ leadership. These two institutions of leadership do co- exist for purposes of making the School go to the high realms of success.

The School cherishes and treasures the following students who braved to hold the highest student leadership positions. In this, they acquire the etiquette of leadership which becomes of significance for their future. The key student leaders of this great School include the following Head Boys and Head Girls, since 2003 when the School was started. 

Head Prefects


  1. Haguma  Ozius             2003 January to April
  2. Ndagaijimana Gideaon         2003 April to 2004
  3. Kwizera Alex            2004/2005
  4. Ngwije James            2005/2006
  5. Ndazigaruye Henry            2006/2007
  6. Muhirwa Denis            2007/2008
  7. Iyamumpaye Edwin        2008/2009
  8. Nankunda Gerald Owen        2009/2010
  9. Semahaoro Esau            2010/2011
  10. Kwitonda Benon            2011/2012
  11. Hafasha Richard                2012/2013
  12. Niyonzima Felix            2013/2014


  1. Mbabazi Danah        2003Jan to April
  2. Kwihanagna Prudence     2003April to 2004
  3. Uwihaye Glorius        2004/2005
  4. Rukundo Gertrude         2005/2006
  5. Lucky Hellen Bakanya    2006/2007
  6. Nyiramazi Angelica        2007/2008
  7. Ayinkamaiye Carloline    2008/2009
  8. Uwimana Joan Medius    2009/2010
  9. Kyokunzire Milian        2010/2011
  10. Tumusenge Shallon        2011/2012
  11. Acham Miriam        2012/2013
  12. Nyiramugisha Peruth    2013/2014

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