One of the immediate ways of assessment of the progress of the school and achievements of some set objectives is to realize excellent results.  Achievement of results does not simply come but it is through vigorous struggle by both the learners and the instructors (Teachers).  That is why it is often said that “No Pains no gains” and that “People do not succeed because they are destined to, but because they are determined.

Determination therefore has a big bearing on the results made by the child and the school.  When results are released, it is always joy for the children, parents, the school and the supportive communities because of excellent levels of achievement.  Overtime, since the Inception of this school, an impressive performance is always recorded.  The best students in Kisoro District and Western region are always seen from this school.  There is no academic loving person that cannot celebrate this as it is a sign of development and a reward of people’s sweat.

Celebrations are always vivid as the Uganda National Examination board releases the annual results for the National exams done.  Inevitably, Kisoro Vision S.S takes a big share of Joy because of the appetizing results.

To keep the morale and heart of competition and interest among students, rewards/gifts are always given to the best students under the school programme called “Girihene Programme” Besides the Girihene programme, lots of cash prizes and learning materials are given to the high scoring children.

Overtime, as mentioned, the performance of Kisoro Vision S.S has been impressive with the best students at all levels coming from this same school.  Even the total aggregates scored has been improving.

Here below is the progressive performance of some vision students, since the time of its first candidates in 2007.  And naturally these best students of Vision always turn out to be the best at the district level.

Students’ progressive performance over years


2007                                                                2008

  1. Nyiramugisha Peace 24                   1.  Uwera Lilian           26
  2. Haguma Ozius   31                            2.  Dusabe Sylivester  26


2009                                                                2010

  1. Semahoro Esau 17                              1.  Mpimbaza Noble 13
  2. Ndayishimye Caleb 18                       2.  Musaid Bnson      18
  3. Byiringirpo Thomas 18


2011                                                                2012

  1. Kwiringira Joshua 21                           1.  Kwizera Herbert        13
  2. Niyobyose Doreen 22                           2.  Ndayambaje Ronald 15
  3. Uwase Gordon        15


2013                                                                2014

  1. Habimana Micheal 16                          1.  Ntirenganya Abel      11
  2. Nshiyimana Evarist 16                         2.  Hakiza Julius            14


2015                                                                2016

  1. Iragaba Dickson      12                         1.  Itangayenda Joram    10
  2. Nziza Satrina 13                                   2.  Muhaza Blaise             10
  3. Mfitumukiza Dismus 14



  1. Manishimwe Obed 10
  2. Kwizera Glibert 15


In A ‘level – UACE, trend has similarly been very good with results that have always made us proud. Some of the best students one can comment about are:

  1. In 2007 pioneer class – Mutsinzi Kali with 22 points out of 25.
  2. In 2009, Uwera Lilian Rubande scored 24 points out of 25.
  3. In 2011, Ninsima Enid scored 23 points out of 25.
  4. In 2012, Niwamanya Elon scored 24 points out of 25.
  5. In 2013, scoring of points was changed to have maximum points to 20

And so Ndamyiyera Charity scored 18 points out of 20.

  1. In 2014 Niyonsaba Gilbert scored maximum points; 20 out of 20 followed by Uwase Gordon and Mwebembezi Humphrey both scoring 19 points out of 20 in Physics, Math and Chemistry.
  2. In 2015 Karimunda Forodi and Ahishakiye James scored 17 points out of 20.
  3. In 2016, Muhire Kenneth and Semucyo Valence tied at 17 points out of 20.
  4. In 2017 Irakiza Sam scored 18 points followed by Iragaba Dickson and Ayebare Vanesa both scoring 16 points.

With this kind of progressive performance, the School has been enabled to raise to high realms of success and the target in offing is being the best in the Country and having the best student from Kisoro Vision SS with maximum point scored at both levels of Senior four and senior six. It is now obvious that Vision SS will take its students for a wild reap and put them in a desired position of great success.